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2014 Chinese City Rankings: Top Chinese Yummy Cities Announced
   2014-08-05 15:14:06    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Shen Siling

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2014 Chinese City Rankings -- Top Chinese Yummy Cities, the two-month-long online interaction event held by CRI Online has come to an end. The event has received over 22 million votes on its multilingual websites, votes from abroad making up 70.3 percent. Netizens selected the following cities as their favorite Chinese "foodie" cities: Chongqing, Suzhou, Lanzhou, Hulunbuir, Yanbian, Huangshan, Quanzhou, Baoji, Chaozhou and Kaifeng.

The event has attracted a large number of netizens across the globe since its first launch on May 20th. The netizens voted for their favourite Chinese "foodie" cities online and many have left messages to state their reasons for making the choice. Julie from France said, "My favourite is Chongqing Hotpot because I really enjoy spicy food." Naka from Thailand is a supporter of Suzhou. "I've lived in Suzhou for three years and my favourite dishes are Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish and Simmered Pork. I really hope that I can taste Suzhou food in Thailand one day," she said. Carter is from America and he voted for Hulunbuir: "I love grasslands and have once traveled to Hulunbuir. Boiled Lamb is my favourite". Yamamoto from Japan remarked that each Chinese city has its unique food and the cities are all very attractive. He also mentioned that there are many Chinese restaurants in Japan and he usually takes his family to try Chinese food.

The event is also supported by China Cuisine Association. Bian Jiang, an expert judge of the event and vice president of China Cuisine Association, remarks that it's a good way to promote a city through its cuisine. "Usually we get to know a city from its folk life, in which food is an essential factor. Our memory of a city is very often associated with its unique food, and it is something that can be shared by people from all walks of life," said he. Liu Suying, a China hand and one of the foreign judges of this event, believes that for Chinese people, cuisine is not only for the purpose of eating, but also a chance to get together with friends. By this event, she hopes to discover those restaurants that are yummy though may not be well-known.

During the online interaction session, CRI Online also conducted experiential interviews in cities like Yanbian and Quanzhou, capturing the whole process of finding, tasting, and making gourmet food.

To attract netizens from across the globe, the official website of "Chinese City Rankings" was designed in 15 languages, and over ten foreign media organizations were invited to cover the event. Various activities organized by the official microblog of "Chinese City Rankings" have also attracted numerous participants. More than 15,000 people have got involved in the gourmet shooting activity and the heated discussion on topics like "sharing Chinese food with the whole world" and "gourmet and health maintenance".

The awards ceremony for "Top Chinese Yummy Cities" is to be held by sponsors of "Chinese City Rankings" in October.

"Chinese City Rankings" has been held for five years via Internet voting, and it has become a platform for member cities to display their rich tourism resources and unique cultural charms.



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